Lava Shells Massage in Blandford, Dorset

The shells used in this treatment are made of porcelain and crushed shells. They are smooth and non-porous. They are heated by inserting a sachet containing a blend of minerals, black lava rock and sea algae followed by a salt water activator fluid which then heats the shell. Because the shells are self-heating, they don’t require electricity or water and the heat is generated for one to two hours without the need to re-heat or replace, meaning that the therapist has more contact time with the client and a more effective massage treatment is provided. The smooth side can be glided over the skin much like hot stones, the crown and hinge of the shell can both be used to provide a deeper tissue experience and the edge can be used in a stroking fashion for drainage.

This is a wonderfully relaxing experience and all the normal benefits of massage are conferred, so circulation is improved, the muscles are relaxed and pain relieved, heart rate and blood pressure reduce and skin condition and colour is improved.