Shamanic Healing in Blandford, Dorset

Shamanic healing is a very ancient practise practised by indigenous populations all over the world.  Shamans believe that animals, plants and trees have spirits and these spirits are called upon to bring about healings.  They believe that everything has a spirit and that all energy is connected. The traditional Shaman would walk between the world of nature and the world of spirit to seek help and knowledge from the spirits, power animals, the elements and Mother earth energies and use Shamanic journeys to seek guidance. Shamans call upon the energies of Nature and Spirit to help to give Shamanic Healing to the people and land. A Shaman would use drums, rattles, feathers and natural objects to do this work, treating everything with reverence and awe.

Shamanic processes include cutting of ties, the illumination process (which is for getting rid of deeply held emotions that have been troubling you like anger, fear, sadness, depression, feelings of abandonment, or lack of self-worth), past life therapy for repetitive patterns (for example of abuse) in people’s lives, dismemberment, sword cleansing ceremony (deep cleansing of the aura), Shamanic journeying, for example to find your power animal, ancestral female and male, apache smudge ceremony, entity removal, house clearance or space clearing, soul retrieval, sword cleanse (deep cleansing of the aura), psychopomp, death rites, basic healing and energy balance.

Shamanic healing is amazingly powerful and effective, relaxing, healing and bringing about profound changes in people’s lives, in the way they feel about themselves, and in making them feel more positive about whatever is going on in their lives.  The processes are really deep and profoundly healing and can bring about permanent changes in people’s lives for the good. If you want to find out more about yourself, or heal situations in your present or even in a past life that are causing you harm or distress, this is the place to come.