Thai Foot Massage in Blandford, Dorset

This wonderful treatment is the Thai version of reflexology. It includes massage of the feet and lower legs as well as stimulation of the body’s reflex points using a traditional Thai foot massage stick on the reflex points of the feet.  It works on the Sen lines which correspond to the meridians in the body, balancing and harmonising the flow of energy (chi) through the body.

The reflex points have their correspondences in all the major organs in the body, so this is a truly holistic treatment.  It is particularly soothing for runners or sports men and women or people whose work involves being on their feet all day, but is suitable for anyone who wants a relaxing and calming treatment.  It reduces swelling in the feet and ankles and the lower leg massage relieves tight muscles in the calves and around the knees. In addition, it is helpful for people with plantar fasciitis or pain in the arch of the foot.

This truly wonderful treatment stimulates and opens the energy channels in the body leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed, balanced and invigorated. The mind and body are encouraged to restore their own natural healthy balance, keeping the whole body harmonised and promoting general health and well-being.